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Energy audit

The engineering bureau ‘Electrical Installations’ gives advice over the optimisation of electrical energy use in buildings ( Rational Energy Use – RUE/URE/REG).

Vitech can also vouch for the implementation of the proposed savings projects (price request and follow-up of work). Relighting is very current knowing that lighting has a great part in the total electrical energy consumption in buildings.

The use of alternative energies can be used when these applications prove feasible through a feasibility study (for example heat from cogeneration, photovoltaic solar panels, etc.).

Service in the Vitech engineering bureau with regard to energy advice related to electrical installations::

  • • Feasibility studies; technical-economical recognised energy savings
  • • Drafting of an energy strategy and survey of scenarios
  • • Implementation, supervision and coordination of energy saving projects
  • • Inquiry about possible subsidies

The solutions which are proposed in an energy audit are very concrete with a clear picture about the Return on Investment (ROI)

About Vitech

Vitech is a consultancy bureau active in the field Of technical equipment in buildings and in (semi-) industrial constructions.

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