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Installation technician

The technological developments and the legislation regarding electric installations have become increasingly complex.

Stress regarding the increasingly stricter performance deadlines?

Delegating time-consuming electric studies in a more profitable way?

Our services

  • Cable and short-circuiting calculations
  • Selectivity calculations
  • Power balance sheet
  • Lighting calculations (Dialux)
  • Drafting the electricity plan
  • Drafting the electricity performance plans and as-built plans
  • Risk analysis of electric installations (KB 04-12-2012) 
  • Risk analysis of Vital electrical circuits AREI 104 (KB 25-04-2013 )
  • Risk analysis lighting installation (KB 12-07-2012)
  • Risk analysis fire detection NBN S21-100-1
  • Thermographic research of fuse boards


  • Save time by delegating certain tasks
  • Providing relief by outsourcing to a specialised Electricity research office.
  • A team of 6 senior engineers ensures continuity.
  • Customer satisfaction thanks to quick completion
Kabel- en kortsluitberekeningen
Schema’s en plannen van een elektrische installatie
Verlichtingsberekeningen (Dialux)

About Vitech

Vitech is a consultancy bureau active in the field Of technical equipment in buildings and in (semi-) industrial constructions.

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