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Risk analysis

1- Risk Analysis concerning electrical installations (RD/AR/KB 04/12/2012)

The Royal Decree 04/12/2012 deals with the minimal requirements concerning the safety of electrical installations in workplaces. So this is applicable in ALL buildings where people are employed. Therefore a Risk Analysis is obligatory for ALL electrical installations (both old and new)!

This RD replaces the RD 2/6/2008 which concerned only “old electrical installations”.

ALL electrical installations installed before 1981/1983 constructed according to the General regulations concerning protection at work (GRCPW/RGPT/ARAB) and those constructed according to the General Regulation on Electrical Installations (GREI/RGIE/AREI) must follow this RD. There is only one legislation applicable as from 2012 namely “General Regulation on Electrical Installations”. 

The meaning of this is to have the same security in both old and new electrical installations.

The minimum compliance requirements for the old electrical installations are laid down in the Annex I of this RD and are mandatory since 31/12/2016.
The drawing up of a Risk Analysis was in fact already to be implemented according to be RD 04/08/1996 and RD 27/03/98 (Regulations concerning the well-being at work). But this RD 04/12/2012 introduces time limits to be observed!
Drawing up a Risk Analysis holds in broadly the following:

  • • Detect the risks
  • • Evaluation of these risks
  • • Taking measures to avoid or to reduce these risks

Also the  GREI art 104 (RD 25/04/2013) speaks about a Risk Analysis related to the vital installations and a Table of External Influences.

Our engineering bureau Electricity can deliver assistance for the drawing up of a Risk Analysis.

2- Risk Analysis related to the lightning installation

The protection of a building against lightning requires beforehand, following the (new) norm for Lightning protection NBN EN 62305 an estimation of the risks (Risk Analysis). The required security class (I to IV) of the lightning protection system is defined through the Risk Analysis, insofar it is not stipulated through other requirements.

The engineering bureau Vitech can establish a Risk Analysis related to the lightning arrestor system.


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