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Sketch design

The object of the phase design is to lay down or clarify the basic information needed for the concept of the preliminary draft and the subsequent design. This happens in close cooperation with the architect/client/building management.
    This basic information includes::

  • Budget and planning and requirements program; the exact definition of the objectives of the building management
  • Normalisation: confirmation of norms and recommendations who have to be complied with
  • Building engineering: confirmation or obtaining data: classification of the premises, surfaces, occupation, destination, free height, particular conditions
  • The record of the needs and the characteristics of the technical equipment

A document will be submitted with (among others)

  • A synthesis of the criteria and technical requirements who have to be retained
  • A rough budget estimate; research of alternative solutions if the proposed budget has been exceeded
  • A first estimation of the timing

    The architect will be provided with the following information:

  • The needs for technical spaces
  • The cross-sections and locations of the technical service ducts
  • The needed heights above the false ceiling needed for the technical installations
  • The various technical requirements

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Vitech is a consultancy bureau active in the field Of technical equipment in buildings and in (semi-) industrial constructions.

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